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BSC Fab & Custom Machine Shop

In the world of fabrication and custom solutions, BSC Fab & Custom stands out by the quality of their work. With a rich history dating back to 2007, BSC is a machine shop in Barrie that runs under the expert guidance of owner, Brent Clement. 

BSC success is owed to Brent's dual expertise as a Millwright and Tool & Die maker. His experience in this field forms the very backbone of BSC's success. 

Custom ATV Engine Cover

Mastering the Art of Craftsmanship 

Brent Clement's experience as a tool maker and millwright is at the heart of BSC's ability to deliver precision and perfection. The fusion of technical skill and artistic finesse is the cornerstone of every project undertaken at BSC. This unique blend of expertise has enabled the Barrie machine shop to scale its offerings and encompass a wide array of fabrication services, including design, welding, and machining.

Among BSC's impressive clientele, one name stands tall - the CN Tower. This iconic landmark's choice of BSC underscores the shop's reputation for excellence and reliability. It is a testament to the impeccable standards upheld by BSC, which have earned the trust of clients seeking nothing short of the best. 

Custom Kitchen Island Legs

Tools of Innovation 

Central to BSC's ability to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship are the advanced tools and equipment that populate its workspace. The shop boasts an impressive array of machinery, including a lathe, milling machine, drill press, hydraulic press, and an arsenal of welding options, including mig, stick, and tig welders. These tools, coupled with belt sanders, air compressors, and vapour blasting cabinets, empower BSC to turn visions into reality. 

Crafting Possibilities: Machine Shop Services Offered 

BSC's repertoire of services is as diverse as it is impressive. As a Millwright, we offer services that include the maintenance and repair of industrial equipment. Specializing in tube bending, the Barrie machine shop capabilities extend to crafting custom roll-cages, bumpers, and racks. The art of tig welding, particularly with aluminum and stainless steel, further amplifies BSC's ability to machine durable and aesthetically pleasing structures. Additionally, the shop's CAD design proficiency enables precision laser cutting and bending, while its prowess in product development, production, machining, powder coating, and metal bending on brake presses completes its comprehensive suite of offerings. 

Custom ATV Roll Cage

Embark on a Journey with BSC Fab & Custom 

BSC Fab & Custom machine shop in Barrie stands as a testament to the power of passion, skill, and innovation. With Brent Clement's expertise steering the ship, and an impressive portfolio of accomplishments, BSC continues to redefine the boundaries of fabrication excellence.

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